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Kingruns Tracking Package- All You Need To Know

For the Kingruns tracking package, you require a Kingruns tracking API number to track your delivery package. It is mandatory to give the tracking API to receive the tracking information.

They also have an official app, named Kingruns Tracking App through which you can easily import and track your deliveries from Shopify, Amazon, WooCommerce, Wish, AliExpress, etc.

You will receive the customized email and SMS notifications of Kingruns packages. It reduces the customer’s queries like “transmit” or “out for delivery”, etc.

Kingrun also allows bulk tracking of its delivery packages by uploading the tracking numbers in CSV files.

List of Kingrun Package Status

pendingPending,”Pending” means new packages added that are pending to track.
notfoundNot Found,”Not Found” means there is no package tracking info available yet.
transitTransit,”Transit” means the package has tracking info and is on the way to recipients’ address.
pickupOut for Delivery,Also known as “Out For Delivery”. It means the package is about to be delivered or is ready to be picked up at a local sort facility.
deliveredDelivered,”Delivered” means the package has been delivered successfully.
undeliveredFailed Attempt,Also known as “Failed Attempt”. It means unsuccessful package delivery attempt or failed delivery.
exceptionException,”Exception” means package returned to sender, receiver refused delivery, package damaged or other exceptions.
expiredExpired,”Expired” means a package carried by Express Company has not been delivered in 30 days or Postal Services in 60 days.

My-Package-Tracking will help you help you in easy tracking of your Kingruns delivery packages by providing real-time status.

About Kingruns

Kingruns is a speed post shipping company situated in Istanbul, Turkey. This company was created by LBEX GROUP LOGISTIK VE DIS TIC LTD STI.

Its outlets, operation centers, and warehouses are located in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Their monthly shipment is about 130 tons.


Contact number: +86 0755 88606701

The email address:

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I track my Kingsrun delivery package?

You can monitor your courier using the website My-Package-Tracking. Enter Tracking no and press the track speed post button. You’ll receive your tracking result and should there is a matter then press view full display for a greater outcome.

How many days does it take to deliver?

Success Indicators 
Average Time Taken
Neighborhood *1-2 Days
Metro-Metro1-3 Days
State Capital into State Capital1-4 Days
Same State1-4 Days
Remainder of the Nation4-5 Days

How can I track any lost post tracking number?

There isn’t any way to track or trace a Kingsrun Speed Post Article without a consignment number in the public domain. Nevertheless, you may go to the addressee’s area Post Office and may enquire for any articles pending for delivery named on the addressee with again and again, if it isn’t delivered in the stipulated time.

Does speed post deliver on Sunday?

Kingsrun delivers its packages on all the working days, but not on Sunday. But on special festive seasons like Diwali or rakhee, deliveries are done on Sundays too. 

How to track the package without any tracking number?

Unfortunately, there is no way to track your Kingsrun delivery package without any tracking number. 

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